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Lawyers Don’t Know Much About Money   Something that might surprise you if you’re not a lawyer is that most lawyers (even ones working in M&A, banking or corporate finance) don’t know much about finance. Specifically, they don’t know much about personal finance. I used to be one of these lawyers, too. Unless they’re self-educated […]

financial regrets biglaw associate attorney finances

Choosing Between Biglaw Job Offers In case you missed it, in my last post I gave three insider pieces of advice I learned while working at a Biglaw firm.  These were things I wish I had known about OCI when I was interviewing for these jobs as a law student. Earlier in the week, I […]

biglaw job offer choose firm law student

What Are Biglaw “On-Campus Interviews” or “OCI”? “Biglaw” is the nickname given to large law firms with offices in cities all across the U.S. and around the world. Almost all Biglaw firms recruit law students and offer them summer jobs in the exact same way: through OCI. On-campus interviews, or “OCI,” is the name given […]

biglaw oci on campus interview advice tips lawyer

Is a Balanced Life In Biglaw Possible?  What Does “Work-Life Balance” Mean, Anyway?   Ahhh, the controversial pursuit of “work-life balance.”  What was once a popular wellness buzzword has become, for many, a glaring symbol of just how out of balance our lives have become.  What does “work-life” balance mean, anyway? In an ideal world, […]

PHASE 1 of The Unbillable Life: Just Publish Your Posts, Already! When I decided to start this blog, I wasn’t really sure where I was going to take it. This uncertainty caused me to write a bunch of draft blog posts, but delay ever actually launching the blog and posting the pieces. I finally bit […]

First Off, Are We Entitled to Have Jobs That We Love? This is such a tough question. Before I give my thoughts on it, let’s start with a couple of assumptions I have about the readers of this blog. Given the fact that most of the people who are reading this post live in the […]

I Quit Biglaw. Do I Miss It?   About a year ago, I quit my job as a lawyer in Biglaw.  You can read all about my reasons for quitting here, here, here and sprinkled elsewhere throughout this blog.  Since I’m a year removed from the job, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my experience […]

Law school can and will prepare you for the “real world” – if you focus on developing these skills   If you are a law student, you probably have heard, either before you started school or during school itself, that law school doesn’t actually prepare you for the “real” world.  Nothing you learn at school […]

Summer Associate Season in Biglaw Is Upon Us   Summer is around the corner, which means summer associates are about to descend on Biglaw firms across the country.  Decked out in new suits (and occasionally even sporting pantyhose, despite nobody else wearing them anymore – or was that just me?), attorneys can spot eager summer […]

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