Behind the Biglaw Curtain – Demystifying the Junior Associate Experience does just that – it gives you an insider’s view on what it takes to succeed as a junior lawyer in the elite law firms of the world that are collectively known as “Biglaw.” 

It is not that difficult to be an average lawyer or an adequate junior associate. But it is difficult to be an outstanding or exceptional one, and that is what this book is here to teach you. 

Broken down into 25 easily digestible chapters, this book will serve as your guide throughout your junior associate years. It will teach you how to play the Biglaw game – and win. 

Are you…

…a junior lawyer struggling to find your place in Biglaw?

…a junior lawyer wanting to take your skills to the next level?

…a law student desperately trying to understand what the heck Biglaw is?

…a law student wondering if Biglaw is right for you?

…a law firm partner who has forgotten what junior associates actually know and could use a little refresher about life at the bottom of the Biglaw food chain?

…anyone else curious about what this whole “Biglaw” thing is all about?


Then this book is FOR YOU!

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