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For Lawyers Ready to Leave Biglaw Behind

Biglaw Detox

Biglaw is a bubble. And you get trapped in that bubble. Maybe you feel like you don’t know how to do anything else, or like you don’t have time to figure out what that something else for you might be. 

Not to mention the path to Biglaw is a pretty straight one for most people. In law school, you are taught how to land a coveted Biglaw summer associate position, but aren’t taught anything after that. 

Newsflash to law schools, life doesn’t end after you land a Biglaw job. You don’t stop growing or changing once you become a Biglaw associate. Luckily, for those who don’t want to stay in Biglaw forever, there are endless possibilities of what you can do after it. Biglaw Detox is designed to help you move forward, realize the possibilities, and take action toward those. 

I help you transition from Biglaw to wherever the next step on your journey is. Not the prescribed path so many of us feel trapped to follow. You don’t have to feel stuck or overwhelmed anymore. I’m here to help you shift your mindset, open your eyes to the possibilities, and take action. 

Specifically, we’ll take a methodical approach to address the emotional and practical steps to leaving the law. I understand it is not as easy to leave as some make it out to be, both in accepting what you are giving up and being confused about what to do next. 

I take a non-traditional approach. I don’t assume that you will leave for X, Y, or Z job. There are so many more options out there, and I can help open your eyes to them. 

I’ll never tell you what to do. You are the one in control, and it’s time to take that control back. Some things you’ll leave Biglaw Detox with are the tools:

To accept what leaving means for your identity. 

To talk it over with your loved ones. 

To talk to your boss about your decision and leave gracefully.  

To have a plan of what to do next. 

To feel secure in leaving. 

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No matter what the next best step is for you, we’ll work together to find that and set out an action plan to make it come true. 

On our first call, we will identify the areas you want to focus on and lay out a plan for our work together.

Based on your pre-work questionnaire, we will dive into the area you need immediate attention on. As we work together, we will develop a personalized action plan for immediate steps to improve each of the areas we work on together. 

We start by discussing your goals (it’s ok not to know them yet – we’ll develop a plan by the time we are done working together) so we know what to address in our sessions.

How will working with me help you reach your goals?

Here’s how working with me will get you on your way to leaving Biglaw behind for good. You’ll walk away more centered and focused on your own goals and with a clear sense of what next steps you need to take (and will have taken some already) to leave Biglaw behind.  

Because this is a completely personalized program, everyone’s sessions will look different, but here’s how we’ll likely spend our time: 

what to expect

How it works

We will evaluate the following areas and decide where to focus our time first:

  • Picturing your dream career and life, and brainstorming how you can get there. 
  • Addressing core values and any misalignments.  
  • You are more than a Biglaw lawyer. 
  • Giving yourself the security and permission to leave. 
  • Addressing your finances, talking to friends and family, giving notice at work. 
  • What else is out there?
  • Goals that are a little bit of a reach but achievable.
  • We’ll work through a process to reach them
  • Assess what’s standing in your way from reaching your goals. 
  • What will you have to give up or add in order to reach your vision?
  • Put your goals into action by developing an action and support plan. 

As you can see, leaving Biglaw can be a lot of work. Most people don’t just quit cold turkey. It’s a detox process, throughout which you set yourself up for success. 

Interested in joining the Biglaw Detox 1-1 coaching program? Sign up for your free introductory call, where we’ll talk about your challenges and goals, discuss how I can help you, and see if we’re the right fit. 

The end result of Biglaw Detox? You’ll know how to leave Biglaw and you will be on your way to doing it. You’ll be mentally prepared to take the leap and know the direction you want to go.

Oh, and the ultimate result? You get your life back – you feel empowered and own your choices again. You become unstuck and start moving on all aspects of life and your dreams and goals. You break up with Biglaw and never look back. 

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What is the price? What will you get for your investment? Why now?

- We’ll meet every other week, 1-1, for 60 minutes for a total of six or twelve sessions. These sessions are completely confidential and tailored to you and your specific needs.
- We’ll develop personalized action plans for both immediate and long-term steps you can take to reach your goals. 
- I provide email support (guaranteed response within 24-hours) throughout the course of the program. 
- Our sessions are supported by worksheets and exercises, which I provide feedback on (where applicable). 

The investment is a one-time payment of $1,000 for six sessions or $1,900 for twelve sessions. 

Why coaching now? 

So, why now? You already have an inkling (or maybe even a stronger feeling) that Biglaw isn’t for you.

Perhaps you’ve looked at the work and lives of the partners or senior associates in your group or at your firm and don’t want that same life for yourself. You can see a little into what your future would look like, and it doesn’t look pretty. 

Instead of putting your head in the sand and hoping that Biglaw will change (it won’t), take action NOW.

Don’t wait for burnout to hit or, if it already has, take that as a big red flag that you need to make a change ASAP. As someone who has made it to the other side, I promise, you’ll be so happy that you did. 

Have questions? Check out my FAQs!

If you’re ready to begin your Biglaw Detox, let’s get started! Schedule a call today. 

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