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The day is finally here. IT has set you up with a brand-new laptop, you’ve decked out your home office, you’ve done a tech check, and you’re ready to get to work. Congrats on starting your job as a first-year Biglaw associate! Once new associate orientation and training is over, it’s go time. So you […]

first-year biglaw associates

“Biglaw is a marathon, not a sprint.” I’m sure you’ve heard this common refrain before. Have you heard it related to Biglaw (because many people say it when giving advice to law students and junior associates)? I might have even said it myself in the past (cringe). The message comes from a good place. It’s […]

biglaw marathon not a sprint

What does Biglaw expect from its first-year associates? This is the million-dollar question and what every incoming associate wants to know. Despite all of the information available online, Biglaw remains somewhat of a mystery for many law students. I think part of this is because a lot of the information that is available is put […]

biglaw first-year associates

It’s January 2021 as I write this, and many Biglaw junior associates are just starting their new jobs. This year has brought about so many changes (statement of the obvious), and that includes a change to the start dates of Biglaw associates. Normally, Biglaw first-year associates begin their jobs, in the office, in the fall […]

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How to Succeed as a Junior Lawyer in Biglaw   I wrote a book! And I published it! You can buy it on Amazon (kindle only for now – the print version is coming soon) and I would be so happy if you went over there to check it out (just click HERE – or […]

Behind the Biglaw Curtain how to succeed junior associate lawyer

Choosing Between Biglaw Job Offers In case you missed it, in my last post I gave three insider pieces of advice I learned while working at a Biglaw firm.  These were things I wish I had known about OCI when I was interviewing for these jobs as a law student. Earlier in the week, I […]

biglaw job offer choose firm law student

What Are Biglaw “On-Campus Interviews” or “OCI”? “Biglaw” is the nickname given to large law firms with offices in cities all across the U.S. and around the world. Almost all Biglaw firms recruit law students and offer them summer jobs in the exact same way: through OCI. On-campus interviews, or “OCI,” is the name given […]

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Law school can and will prepare you for the “real world” – if you focus on developing these skills   If you are a law student, you probably have heard, either before you started school or during school itself, that law school doesn’t actually prepare you for the “real” world.  Nothing you learn at school […]

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