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Setting boundaries in Biglaw is such a controversial topic. I have a LOT of thoughts about it because it can be so hard to do. But it can be done – in a way. I’ve recently heard from so many Biglaw associates who are really struggling with setting boundaries, so I wanted to share my […]

setting boundaries in Biglaw junior lawyer associate

It’s January 2021 as I write this, and many Biglaw junior associates are just starting their new jobs. This year has brought about so many changes (statement of the obvious), and that includes a change to the start dates of Biglaw associates. Normally, Biglaw first-year associates begin their jobs, in the office, in the fall […]

best career advice ever received new lawyers

How to Succeed as a Junior Lawyer in Biglaw   I wrote a book! And I published it! You can buy it on Amazon (kindle only for now – the print version is coming soon) and I would be so happy if you went over there to check it out (just click HERE – or […]

Behind the Biglaw Curtain how to succeed junior associate lawyer

Is a Balanced Life In Biglaw Possible?  What Does “Work-Life Balance” Mean, Anyway?   Ahhh, the controversial pursuit of “work-life balance.”  What was once a popular wellness buzzword has become, for many, a glaring symbol of just how out of balance our lives have become.  What does “work-life” balance mean, anyway? In an ideal world, […]

Are You a Healthy Lawyer? So many things factor into whether or not a person is healthy.  “Healthy” is a concept we all define slightly differently, which complicates things when you are trying to give tips on becoming just that.  While I’m no health expert, after spending many years working in Biglaw, I do know […]

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Expect a Tough Few Years   The first few years of your corporate career can be tough and Biglaw is no exception.  In fact, I’d argue that working at a law firm is one of the most demanding corporate jobs you can have (so demanding that it totally burned me out by the end of […]

survive junior associate attorney biglaw tips advice career

Did I Really Say That?   Have you ever read an email you sent a long time ago and feel like it was written by someone else because it doesn’t sound at all like something you would say in the present day? Recently I was searching through my emails to try to find a friend’s […]

old emails career change happiness job

Two Personalities: One at Work, One at Home   In my last post, I wrote about bad career advice I had received. In that post, I touched upon the concept of covering up your true personality at work, and how this can be detrimental not only to your day-to-day life and happiness, but also to […]

separate personality at work at home hurt career happiness

Happy New Year! To Have a Resolution or Not, That Is the Question…   Whether you like New Year’s Resolutions or think they are a waste of time, a new year is upon us and people all around you will be making resolutions, talking about them, or telling you how stupid they are while at […]

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