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In my last post, I talked about four common assignments for first-year Biglaw associates. Here, in Part 2, I’m continuing on with that theme with four more typical tasks for junior associates. Again, I’ve limited my overview to just those things that corporate/transactional associates will encounter, since litigation is a whole other world that I […]

biglaw first-year associates

“Biglaw is a marathon, not a sprint.” I’m sure you’ve heard this common refrain before. Have you heard it related to Biglaw (because many people say it when giving advice to law students and junior associates)? I might have even said it myself in the past (cringe). The message comes from a good place. It’s […]

biglaw marathon not a sprint

Leaving Biglaw? Leave These Things Behind, Too Biglaw is a very particular place that teaches its lawyers invaluable skills. The longer you spend in Biglaw, the more ingrained these skills become. Many of these skills will take you from the law to your next job and help you immensely (check out this post on three […]

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It’s Still the New Year, Right? (Excuse the lateness of this post. Can we agree that we have all of January to sort out our resolutions and goals for the next year? I didn’t get my act together by January 1, so here goes!) In 2019, my New Year’s post was all about what Biglaw […]

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