DEI Statement

The Unbillable Life’s mission is to provide resources and coaching for lawyers who are on a quest for something more, either while in Biglaw or on their path out of it. We aim to be a safe and inclusive space for all lawyers seeking to further their professional and personal goals. 

It’s a fact that the legal industry, in particular Biglaw, is full of inequities. We also recognize that we have our own blind spots and areas of improvement in this space and strive to always do better. We have not faced the same challenges that many of our clients have faced due to systemic inequities. 

While we cannot change the entire legal industry, The Unbillable Life is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and justice in everything that we do, and we aim to contribute in a small way to furthering DEI in the legal industry. 
Breaking into Biglaw and understanding how it works can be especially challenging. Each month, we offer complimentary, 1-hour, 1-1 consultations to law students from traditionally underrepresented communities, as well as a resume review and a mock Biglaw interview, if needed/applicable. 

No need to apply or explain why you qualify – if you do, we trust that you do. All you have to do is click on the button below to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, note in the comments that you are a law student signing up for your complementary, 1-hour session, and we’ll start working together on your Biglaw goals. 

Note: the first 30-minute consultation is the standard consult call where we can get to know each other a bit, review your overall goals and needs, and discuss how I can help you. Then, we’ll get to the real work during a follow-up 1-hour session.

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