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Follow-Up to My Guest Post on “The Financial Panther”: Financial Adjustments I Made Post-Biglaw

Guest Post on “The Financial Panther”

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I was super happy to write a guest post on the blog the Financial Panther. I wanted to link to that post and share it with everyone over here in case there are any of you out there who don’t yet read the Financial Panther (it’s a great resource for lawyers, ex-lawyers and other professionals, especially for everything finance-related).

Check out my post, here!  Since the Financial Panther is a finance-focused site, my guest post is all about the Five Financial Adjustments I Had to Make After Leaving Biglaw.

In case you don’t know who the Financial Panther is, let me fill you in (and suggest some of my favorite posts, below).  Kevin, a fellow former Biglaw attorney, has been running his blog for a few years now. He now runs it full time, along with working tons of side hustles that I find so inspiring (seriously, check out his monthly side hustle reports – he makes thousands of dollars from non-traditional jobs every month!).

My Favorite Financial Panther Posts

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the Financial Panther that I thought the audience over here at The Unbillable Life would find both relatable and helpful. Start here and read through all of his posts and you’ll be sure to find something that really speaks to you! 

1. You’ve Paid Off Your Debt, Now How Do You Invest?

Since Kevin’s blog has some great financial advice on it, I’d be remiss not to include an article that was finance-related.  Lots of Biglaw lawyers are so focused on paying off their law school loans that once they do, they don’t know what else to do with their money. This is a primer on what you can do once you’ve reached the huge milestone of paying off your debt (it’s also good for those who still have debt but who are ready to invest simultaneously with paying off student loans).


2. What Am I So Afraid Of? A Reaffirmation To Myself

This is one lots of lawyers can relate to since so many of us are naturally (or trained to be ) risk averse.  Fear holds us back from so many things, including pursuing what we really, truly want to do in life. A reminder that there are lots of ways to make a living. What if you just flipped the narrative around – instead of assuming you’ll fail, start to ask yourself: well, what if it does work out? 


3. The Dream of Barista FIRE

A great intro to what people have coined “Barista FIRE” – the concept of retiring from a traditional job early with a large amount of savings, but still working (at a place like Starbucks, hence the name Barista FIRE) to make some extra money to supplement your savings. Kevin’s thoughts about working at golf course when he was younger, a job he loved, reminded me a lot of how I feel about working at the gym now. 


4. Lawyers, Doctors, and the Appeal of the Clear Career Path

This one gets you thinking – did you choose your career because you wanted to or because the path was clearly set forth before you

5. I Quit My Job – Rejecting The Clear Career Path And Going Out On My Own

Oh boy, could I relate to this one! The title basically says it all, but if you’re interested in learning more about Kevin’s story and his thoughts and feelings as he left the law to focus full-time on his blog (and side hustles!), definitely check out this post.

“Too often, I think we get stuck in our own heads about what we’re supposed to do and what’s possible. We work in the framework that friends and family and society give us, rarely venturing outside of that framework. My overarching theme with this blog, I think, has always been to challenge yourself to think a little bit differently.” ~ Kevin, the Financial Panther

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