3 Lessons I Learned From Writing and Self-Publishing a Book

I Finally Did It! I left my Biglaw job about two years ago and one day, a few months after leaving, I sat down in front of my computer and began a brain dump of all of my thoughts about and tips on how to succeed as a junior associate in Biglaw. I’m not sure why I was...

My Book Is Out! “Behind the Biglaw Curtain – Demystifying the Junior Associate Experience”

How to Succeed as a Junior Lawyer in Biglaw I wrote a book! And I published it! You can buy it on Amazon (kindle only for now – the print version is coming soon) and I would be so happy if you went over there to check it out (just click HERE - or on one of the other...

How to Take the Leap and Quit Your Job: The Best Way to Celebrate Leap Year 2020

Celebrate Leap Year With a Career Leap of Your Own  Since this is a blog all about career satisfaction, and today is Leap Day, I thought there was no better place or time to write about how to take the leap and do the one thing that some of you need to do in order to...


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