How to Take the Leap and Quit Your Job: The Best Way to Celebrate Leap Year 2020

Celebrate Leap Year With a Career Leap of Your Own  Since this is a blog all about career satisfaction, and today is Leap Day, I thought there was no better place or time to write about how to take the leap and do the one thing that some of you need to do in order to...

What to Leave Behind When You Leave Biglaw: Kicking Bad (And a Few Good) Habits to the Curb

Leaving Biglaw? Leave These Things Behind, Too Biglaw is a very particular place that teaches its lawyers invaluable skills. The longer you spend in Biglaw, the more ingrained these skills become. Many of these skills will take you from the law to your next job and...

Working In the Corporate World and the Service Industry: People Are All the Same

Biglaw Clients and Gym Customers: What’s the Difference? Turns Out, Not Much The more I’ve written about my contrasting experiences of working in Biglaw and working at the gym (for a quick recap, check out this post and this one), the more I find myself thinking about...


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