Common Assignments for (Corporate) First-Year Biglaw Associates: Part 1

The day is finally here. IT has set you up with a brand-new laptop, you’ve decked out your home office, you’ve done a tech check, and you’re ready to get to work. Congrats on starting your job as a first-year Biglaw associate! Once new associate orientation and...

Biglaw Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Is That True?

“Biglaw is a marathon, not a sprint.” I’m sure you’ve heard this common refrain before. Have you heard it related to Biglaw (because many people say it when giving advice to law students and junior associates)? I might have even said it myself in the past (cringe)....

Tips for Easing New Biglaw Job Jitters

Starting a new Biglaw job? Even if you were a summer associate at your firm, working as a first-year associate is a whole new game. You’re actually someone’s lawyer now! Regardless of what firms tell you when you’re a summer associate (i.e., that they give summers...


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