Sabbatical Endings and What’s Next

It’s been one year since my husband and I packed up our Upper West Side apartment and left New York City. I used to think that leaving Biglaw was the last chapter of this book, but now I realize that leaving NYC was the true ending. I moved to the city in 2009 after graduating from law school and stayed for what felt like way longer than ten years and way shorter than ten years all at once.

Like most people and like every year, mine was full of ups and downs, but I’ll focus on the ups today, like these:

  • I got really good at scuba diving.
  • We got married!
  • I rediscovered my love of skiing and felt like a little kid again all winter long.
  • We ate our way through Italy and Germany.
  • And, finally, after a month-long delay because of a raging wildfire (when we thought we might not be able to move at all), we relocated to Lake Tahoe for the year.

So that’s where we find ourselves now – California! The sabbatical is over and we have a new, semi-permanent (at least for the next ten months or so) home. And I am SO grateful to be here. When the year-off began, I was looking forward to settling into a new home base at some point, but I could never have predicted how I feel now as I settle in.

You learn a lot about yourself when you pack up your life in one city, put your things in a storage unit (and your parents’ basement!), and part with your old life, friends, and all of your things for one whole year. By last month, I was really craving connections and, surprisingly, my things. Not because of the stuff itself, I realized, but because that stuff symbolized home, and I wanted a home again. Now I have one, and boy does it feel good!

The sabbatical is officially over. What’s next?

So, what’s next for The Unbillable Life? First up: finishing unpacking (it’s amazing what you can fit in a one-bedroom NYC apartment and storage unit, even after purging a ton of stuff). Then, it’s time to build my chair and desk and set up my first real home office! No more working at the kitchen table!

From there – it’s time to get to work. While I wrote and did some consultations during the past year, it was more difficult than I expected to keep up with it at the pace I wanted. Eventually, I just accepted the fact that it was not going to be a super productive year and focused on enjoying my time. But now, I’m so beyond ready!

You can expect lots more blog posts, Instagram posts and stories (follow me @theunbillablelife), as well as 1-1 consultations (check out open time slots HERE) with Biglaw associates.

As always, reach out to me on Instagram, LinkedIn, or email ( with questions, comments, topic suggestions, or anything else on your mind!


  1. Looking forward to more of your great posts!

  2. admin says:

    thanks! And thanks for commenting – always great to connect with a new person and find a new FIRE blog to read!

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