After our session, you’ll walk away with a clearer picture of what to do, action steps to take, and the accountability to make that plan come true, because without accountability, our best-laid plans often fall through. I’m here to help make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Whether you’re a law student, Biglaw lawyer, or former Biglaw lawyer, I’m here for you. Let’s connect and let’s get started! Schedule a consultation call or, if you’re ready to dive in and get to work, skip that and schedule a session through the links below:  

Dealing with a sticky issue at work? Transitioning into a new role? Need to work through some changes? Facing a difficult conversation at work? Looking for guidance on a particular decision you’re facing? Need to prep for your Biglaw position? No matter the topic, working with a coach can help you gain insights, support, and accountability as you navigate the workplace. 

One Coaching Session for Lawyers and Law Students  

Investment of $175 for Lawyers, $100 for Law Students

1-Hour Coaching Session

Well, imagine feeling in control of your career and your time. Imagine practicing law with confidence and without feeling like an imposter. Working with the right people and on the right matters. Steering your career in the direction you want to take it. 

Are you a high-achieving associate, used to always excelling and succeeding, but are struggling to find your place in Biglaw? Do you feel ill-prepared by law school for the realities of Biglaw? 

6 or 12 Sessions for Junior Associates Looking to Gain a Leg-Up in Biglaw 

Investment of $1,000 for 6 sessions or $1,900 for 12 sessions 

Biglaw Bootcamp

I was in your shoes once. I know what it’s like to feel like all you’re doing is billing, yet you aren’t fitting in, getting the right work, or working with the right people. How you’re sacrificing your entire personal life for the firm and still aren’t living up to the firm’s expectations. 

That’s why I created my 1-1 coaching program, Biglaw Bootcamp. It’s for junior associates who want real, honest guidance from someone who has been in the Biglaw trenches and knows exactly what it takes to succeed. The most important lessons in life are rarely taught in the classroom, and that couldn’t be more true for Biglaw and law school. Together, we develop an action plan for you to succeed in Biglaw. 

If you’re ready to engage in deep introspection, discover what path will bring you greater satisfaction, and leave Biglaw behind once and for all, Biglaw Detox might be right for you. I’ll be your guide through it all as you navigate this transition. 

Are you a Biglaw lawyer at a crossroads in your career? Maybe you’ve contemplated leaving, but you’re stuck on how to begin going about it. You feel frozen in place and lack the support and guidance to walk away from Biglaw and toward something way more fulfilling. 

The process of leaving Biglaw is not one-size-fits-all. For many, leaving Biglaw is not a simple choice. Even once the choice is made, moving on is not necessarily easy. That’s where my program, Biglaw Detox, comes in.  

6 or 12 Sessions for Lawyers Ready to Leave Biglaw Behind 

Investment of $1,000 for 6 sessions or $1,900 for 12 sessions 

Biglaw Detox

That’s why I created my 1-1 coaching program, Biglaw Detox. The longer you stay in Biglaw, the more it seeps into you. It can become your entire identity, and it takes real work and unpacking to separate yourself from it. 

Biglaw Detox can help. The program is for lawyers who are looking to get their identity as a person back again, and who want a plan for finding a more fulfilling job that looks at the person as a whole person and not just a billing machine. 

Well, imagine feeling empowered to make changes in your life. Getting the tools you need to leave the law, finding work that is interesting and fulfilling, and having more time for yourself and your friends and family. Having the courage to leave Biglaw behind and getting your life back. 

You don’t have to struggle through work, disconnected from your bosses and clients, dreading the next workday, and feeling empty. I know all too well what that feels like. 

I walk you through how to leave Biglaw behind on your own terms. 

Create Your Own Package

Customized Coaching Packages // Investment varies by number of sessions 

Feeling Special?

Not sure if Biglaw Bootcamp or Biglaw Detox are quite right for you, but you’re still looking for longer term support? You’re in the right place! While some issues can be worked through in one session, it’s more likely that you’ll reap the most rewards from coaching over the course of multiple sessions.

Let’s chat and develop a customized coaching package that works for you. Schedule your free consultation today. 

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